Monday, November 18, 2019

Katz's Paradoxes of Evil Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Katz's Paradoxes of Evil - Essay Example Such setting may lead us to engage in evil deeds with or without our knowledge. Furthermore, our behaviors are unique; however, we are only guided by morals and principles. Contrary, morals are not universal, they are very personal for what may be right the one individual may be wrong in the beliefs and judgment of another. As such, our behavior can lead us to act in either way that is good or evil. Therefore, it is important to know that committing evil doe s not require any skills and any person can commit evil knowingly or unknowingly. In support of this paradox, the bible is quotes Jesus telling a group of people who were condemning an individual for acting wrongly. He said that if any of them clearly knew that they were absolutely clean from evil then they should be the first to reprimand that condemned individual. In the end none came forth for they all, knew that they had committed evil. According to James Waller a social psychologist, extraordinary evil is very weighty, as it may involve sins like mass murder, genocide among others. However, committing such evils may not require an extraordinary person. Most of the perpetrators of such acts have a starting point. As time passes when they are holding on small responsibility they gradually graduate to handle more and more responsibilities. In the end they have the capacity and machinery to commit the extraordinary evils (Waller n.p). In my own view, there are other factors that may lead an ordinary person to commit an extraordinary evil such as merging roles. Naturally, the basic assumption is that if an individual is good they will act or behave in a good manner and if they are evil minded then they will engage in evil ways. Conversely, this assumption may not hold if a person is given merging roles. For example if a good person if delegated for duties that require them to undertake evil acts, as time

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